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 Thorium.  Why aren't we using it?  Thorium is FOUR TIMES more plentiful in the earths crust than uranium (which is currently used as the fuel in nuclear power plants).  Not only is it more plentiful, but it is also more SAFE.  If a power plant loses electricity, a Thorium powered plant would basically shut itself down without human intervention.  And no cooling of fuel rods would be necessary.  Seriously.  You can hold a life time supply of Thorium in the palm of your hand.  It is estimated that 8 grams of Thorium can power a car for 100 years. 

If you and your classmates are looking for some cool projects  for the school science fair, this video offers plenty of choices that will surely amaze your teacher and get you a good grade, or at very least some praise from the class.  Who knows, they may even lead to an acceptance letter from a top University. 

Okay this is pretty cool.  Well actually it's hot.  Prepare to be amazed at this video showing a real life demonstration of anti-gravity and free energy... or as the scientific community would call it, electromagnetic induction.