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This video is an excerpt from the "Secret Lives of Dogs."  Featured in this clip is a dog owner who discovered her dog was acting different, which resulted in her realization that the different behavior started shortly before she was diagnosed with cancer.  Even though tests came back as negative, she persisted with further testing until a biopsy eventually confirmed the presence of cancer.  Bottom line is that dogs have the ability to smell cancer, and training has been implemented to further use their ability to indicate the presence of cancer, which is often missed by traditional medical testing.  For more information on another alternative in the actual treatment of cancer that is gaining momentum visit the the Medical Marijuana Council.    

Have you ever driven through a wild animal park and wished there was more excitement?  This video of a bull elephant satisfies that desire. 

Crazy animal video compilation that will you smile.... and laugh!

Compilation of Dog Videos that reminds us why dogs are often referred to as mans best friend.